Our mediators have decades of experience in a wide-range of conflict situations, and have helped resolve professional and personal disputes in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.  We have rich intercultural experience, and know how to navigate complex language, cultural, educational and intergenerational issues with sensitivity and effectiveness.  As long as parties are committed to negotiating in an honest, ethical manner, they can move past their differences with the skilled facilitation of our mediators.


We have specific expertise in helping to prevent and resolve disputes over intellectual property, geoscience, engineering and technology. Our approach helps parties navigate through their complex concerns without reputational damage or lost competitive advantage.  This reduces their reliance upon the judicial system to rule on highly-specialized and confidential issues.

We have extensive expertise in academic, research and applied contexts, and have also worked at the interface of academia, government, industry and communities in both urban and rural settings.


Entrepreneurs, investors and business partners don't need to resolve their differences in court, especially if they remain committed to the long-term success of their ventures.  Even when it is time to dissolve business relationships, we believe this can be done amicably and equitably through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Our mediators understand that some types of business disputes are unavoidable, especially when stakeholders have divergent views and interests.  If parties want to manage their differences confidentially, quickly and without litigation, our mediators can help them negotiate a legally-binding settlement that allows them to move forward in confidence to achieve their shared goals.


Recent changes to Canada's Divorce Act strongly encourage Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).  In fact, nearly half of our mediation cases are related to marital, family and estate disputes.  Most cases are resolved successfully, through a methodical process that enables even highly-polarized parties to reach an acceptable settlement without the risk, stress, cost and delays of court-based outcomes.

We know how to work with couples and families (and their legal counsel) to negotiate legally-binding separation agreements, parenting plans,  business agreements and estate settlements. We are recognized experts in multicultural and faith-based FDR - please contact us for more details.


We provide training and planning services in the domains of science, technology, engineering, humanitarian affairs and international development.

Our expertise includes stakeholder consultation, participatory conflict transformation, systems design and mediation related to tribal/indigenous affairs, environmental conservation, natural hazard management, and technology R&D/IP.

Let us help develop the skills, plans and systems your enterprise needs to achieve success efficiently and without conflict.